Monday, March 16, 2015

"Gods on the Mountain" Update

This post is an update on my fantasy novel Gods on the Mountain. Just a reminder of the plot:
In the mountains of Calambria, the dwarf tribes have disappeared, and merchants have been expelled. Two are assigned to investigate this mystery: Edmund, a human from the Order of Magi, who are gifted with the ability to utilize the elements; and Diane, an elf from the Sisterhood of Dagger Maidens, who excel in close combat. As they attempt to uncover what has happened, they discover betrayal and secrets not only from outside the continent, but from within as well. Soon they uncover a plot with dangers that will go well beyond the mountains.
At the moment, I'm done editing it, and have sent it to some beta readers to receive feedback from them. If anyone would like to volunteer to fill in the last beta reader position, feel free to contact me. The due date is still tentatively set to April 2.

The cover art is being designed by Mari Trini Morales, and should be done by March 22. There should be a cover art reveal soon after that. Mari's website can be found here - I highly suggest checking her out, as she's an amazing artist.

Other bits of information and fun things will be posted on my Twitter account. Follow to find out more, hear the latest updates, or just correspond with me (I don't bite, I promise).

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