Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Horror Novella: "Daddy's Girl"

My new horror novella is out, and available on Kindle for $0.99 on Amazon. My last horror story was a novelette...maybe my next horror story will be a full blown novel? Who knows...

Any way, enough of that. Here's the cover.

The synopsis:
Alex lost her father as a baby, and has only known him through stories and photos. Since his death, something seems to have always been in the shadows, protecting her through her childhood. Now that she's in college, she wants to just be a grown woman and take care of herself. However, when four classmates assault her, that unseen force again lashes out.

With a vengeance.

Soon begins a night of terror.
Get it here!


  1. Good luck with your release, Ben!

    Might I make a suggestion? How about changing the link you currently have in place for the cover with the one for your book? I think more people are likely to click on the cover in the hope of reaching your bookstore than via the little link at the end of the post.

    1. *talking like Black Adder* I have a better idea! I'll change the link I currently have in place for the cover with the one for my book.