Monday, February 16, 2015

Work in Progress Update

I recently finished writing the first draft of my Work in Progress. At the moment it's over 150,000 words, and is currently being edited by my wife - a self-professed "Grammar Nazi" who volunteered for the job. She's hoping to be done with it by this week, after which I'll  go through and double check it myself.

Here is a basic summary of the plot:
In the mountains of Calambria, the dwarf tribes have disappeared, and merchants have been expelled. Two are assigned to investigate this mystery: Edmund, a human from the Order of Magi, who are gifted with the ability to utilize the elements; and Diane, an elf from the Sisterhood of Dagger Maidens, who excel in close combat. As they attempt to uncover what has happened, they discover betrayal and secrets not only from outside the continent, but from within as well. Soon they uncover a plot with dangers that will go well beyond the mountains.
After I get done with the editing, I intend to follow the next guideline:
  1. Come up with a title for the dang thing (currently working on this while the editing is going on).
  2. Send the polished draft to beta readers for further opinions and changes.
  3. Design the cover art for Kindle and print.
  4. Publish!
My goal is to publish within the beginning of March.

I hope to discuss and explain this further in future blog posts. Please let me know in the comment section if you have any other questions or comments.


  1. So you are simply editing your first draft, not doing any substantial revisions or anything like that?

    I can't believe you wrote 150K…that is incredible! Well done. :)

    1. There are a couple of changes in my head that I intend to make, mostly regarding certain tones in certain chapters. My wife is making notes about parts that may not make sense or may need further explaining.

      And thank you!