Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Horror Novel: "Deadly Whispers"

Yesterday was the release of my new horror novel, Deadly Whispers. It's currently available for $1.99 on Amazon Kindle.

Below is the cover and synopsis.

**You'll never look at ASMR the same way again...**

Rob thought he would die alone. However, thanks to a mail-order-bride site, he's found Anna, the girl of his dreams. She's sweet, she's beautiful...and, to top it off, she does ASMR videos on YouTube. However, Anna has a secret she's not sharing with Rob or anyone else. Her ASMR videos are not like the others online. They are much darker than anything done in the community before. She has a secret about her videos that Rob's friend, Mike, is about to uncover.

"Deadly Whispers" is a dark comedy from Ben Willoughby about finding the right wife with the wrong kind of mind.

Purchase it here!

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